The Ecosystem

To research, develop and deploy blockchain and A.I. empowered apps and services that will help build a decentralized future. A group of individuals, builders, businesses and services that work independently and together to bring alternative financial services, web3 functionality, commercial capabilities, and technology infrastructure to users worldwide.


Distributed team for a robust and innovative method of collaboration


Closed and open-source software to build awesome services and applications.


Groups building in various sectors including A.I, metaverse and crypto.

Research, Development & Deployment (RD&D) Ecosystem

Building technology and services of the future, today.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our vision is to build a foundation for many sorts of apps, services and business cases utilitizing decentralized technology, artificial intelligence, and the latest software/network developments in innovative ways.

Our mission is to help bring projects to life utilizing the RD&D we have already completed. Builders around the world are supported to utitilize ecosystem open-source software if they are building U branded and integrated projects. These projects may or may not lead to revenue generating enterprises, but will benefit from the network effects of inclusion with other ecosystem services.

Our hope is to see uEcosystem services help people in some way or form in the world. We believe the foundations we lay will lead to some innovative types of apps and businesses over the coming years, and as such, our values are aligned with the well-being and growth in the world with commerce and user empowerment.


The uEcosystem initially began as a project to enable money service businesses to offer cryptocurrency services to their local customers in 2013. It has further evolved to a worldwide user base with a mission to help bring blockchain enabled services, smart-contracts, apps and additional functionality to businesses and individuals.

The uEcosystem team is made up of long-term cryptocurrency industry and even longer term entrepeneurial individuals working from their home and office bases worldwide. The nature of the uEcosystem is to be distributed and decentralized in both human resources, business endeavours, and technology deployement, and in the future this will only become more so with the full integration of autonomous A.I. agents into the various parts of the ecosystem.

With the extensive industry experience in the blockchain/cryptocurrency sector, as well as Artificial Intelligence innovations, combined various business sector experiences of the extended builders, the uEcosystem is poised for continued innovation, growth and deployment of new types of services using existing ones as templates. Let the U grow in you.